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Our products

Our Products Made In Italy:

Driving & Touch Screen Leather gloves

Our leather gloves are only made in Naples which is the traditional glove making region of Italy.  Unlike all other leather accessories, nappa leather gloves are made using farmed sheep skins which have been tanned locally for hundreds of years.  There are 15 different processes involved in the making of each pair of leather gloves and each one is entirely made by hand by specially trained craftsmen and women.  A leather glove moulds to the hand of the wearer and is therefore a truly personalised accessory even without obvious external branding.

Packable hats and caps

Our hats are produced in Montappone in the Le Marche region of Italy. This is the traditional straw hat-making region where experts still weave certain straw hats entirely by hand.  Like straw, we only use natural materials such as organic cotton, linen or wool for our hats and caps.

Leather bags and accessories

Our leather bags, wallets and purses are made of vegetable tanned leather following the ancient Tuscan tradition of using tannins from bark, wood, leaves and other plants for the tanning process instead of harmful chemicals.  This makes for a leather product with an enduring quality because these natural tannins soak in slowly over a 40 day period and therefore give a very soft yet very resistant leather finish in vibrant colours.  This practice, which is overseen by the Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale, is the only choice for both the sustainability and circularity of leather because it allows the end product to be disposed of, or recycled, with ease.

Silk Scarves, ties and hankies

Our silk scarves, ties and hankies can only be made in Como which is still the silk capital of the world.  Silk mills have withstood fierce competition from China over the past 40 years but they continue to attract the best designers with stunning printed, woven or knitted silk products such as scarves, ties and hankies.  The print designs are held in many archives dating back from the turn of the last century and are treasured by designers who visit these mills each season.

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